Welcome to GPR-Parameters

This website is intended for GPR users. It provides information about field recording and signal charateristics, properties of the measured materials as well as detailed antenna information.

The website calculates the following values:

  • wavelength
  • velocity
  • signal attenation
  • theoretical exploration depths
  • loss tangent
  • Q-estimation
  • fresnelzone (graphics)
  • footprint (graphics)
  • sampling intervals
  • Nyquist frequency
  • depth range
  • required number of samples
  • required spatial interval and accuracy

The website contains a large database with antenna data from most manufacturers including their website:

  • frequency
  • offset
  • type
  • shielding
  • coupling
  • technology

The website provides as well dielectric constants and conductivity values for a large range of materials encountered in the field:

  • material name
  • range of dielectric constant (min - max)
  • range of conductivity (min - max) in mS/m

Finally there is an extensive glossary including the formulas used.